About us

President’s message

Steel Case Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand, one of the Asean countries which the economics continues to grow steadily, in January 1996 for business of produce and sell steel cases in Thailand.

We are recognized as a premier company in steel cases packaging business for oversea transportation in Thailand.

Nowadays, the global warming problem and environment problem is mainly focused, selecting high quality material for packaging products are strictly considered.

Our steel case products are designed to help preserve natural resources and can be recycled by using steel as a main material. At present, our products are widely used by Car manufacturers and others.

In 2008, under the PRIME 70 project, we expanded the factory and installed new Skid Line machine that use the latest technology in order to increase our production capacity. We also started using the production planning and control software and we strictly control the quality.

We strive to fulfill our customers’ needs and to contribute to economical development of Thailand and other ASEAN countries through the automobile business.

Steel Case Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd